My Story

I provide daytime support to families as a postpartum doula. My favorite part of the job is breastfeeding education and support, so in 2017 I earned a Certificate as a Lactation Educator Counselor from UCSD. I find that my Masters in Social Work, earned in 2004 from SDSU, enhances the emotional support I provide to clients.

I recently formed a perinatal provider group called Namaste Baby in order to connect my clients with the other services they most frequently ask about. Please request the handbook here.

I live in La Jolla with my son Declan and our dog Cocoa. When I'm not working I'm spending time with my family, going to yoga and dance classes, playing tennis, reading, or walking the dog by the beach.

My Philosophy

I recognize and honor:


Each family as unique;

This transitional stage as rich with all emotions;

Your inner wisdom as the best guide;

Authentic connection, open communication, respect and confidentiality;

Evidenced-based care and informed choice;

The present moment as the most important;

And your baby as the center of your world.

My Training
Certified Lactation Counselor Educator

UCSD 2017

RYT 200

Buddhi Yoga, La Jolla 2016

Postpartum Doula

DONA 2013

“We had the pleasure of working with Erika for a few months after my twin boys were born.  She worked days with us as help to get through the first couple of months as they were very trying for me.  One baby is enough of a change to life, but we had twins, I was recovering from a C-section and was going through a pretty rough time emotionally as well. I can’t say enough good things about Erika.  She was patient, kind, loving to my boys as well as to my family.  She took excellent care of the boys and me! She helped teach me how to bathe them, how to help them when they got a cold their first month, she helped me with breastfeeding tips, and getting them to sleep.  Erika talked to them and soothed them and just overall helped make that time so much more enjoyable and peaceful.
For me, she was always making sure I was eating, had what I needed to stay on track with my pumping, and making sure I was ok.  She provided helpful information as we adjusted to having two new babies. And overall Erika wanted to make sure everyone was ok.  She is just such a nice, warm person and I would highly recommend her for any help you may need whether it’s one baby or multiples. Erika is a great gift to give your family as you transition to parenthood.”
“I am glad to have had Erika’s help during the first few weeks. Erika gave me a lot of pointers and positive encouragement for nursing. Otherwise, I don’t think I would have had the courage to consistently breastfeed.” Kim
“We had the pleasure of meeting and having Erika help us through the first couple of weeks after having our first daughter. I had had a C-section and was a first-time mom. I was so nervous and scared, and had no idea what to expect. Erika was such a calming presence and was so amazing in every aspect. She helped me become comfortable with breastfeeding and finding the perfect position for both baby and me. She helped me with breathing techniques and helped me find a schedule and routine. Erika is so talented and knowledgeable and has such a gift for what she does. I feel so blessed that we had the pleasure of working with Erika. She provided us with a sense of calm and peace in those first few newborn weeks. She is absolutely priceless!” Jen
Masters in Social Work

SDSU 2004

Bachelor of Science in Photography

Ithaca College 1994

“My daughter Malaya was born over four weeks early. Being a preemie and spending time in the NICU, her first feeds were formula from a bottle. When we got home, I desperately wanted to breastfeed, but Malaya struggled staying organized and would get frustrated and fussy, which made mama frustrated and fussy! We slowly started to have a few successes, but it didn’t come easily and I was ready to give up. Erika came over and spent one-on-one time with Malaya and I, and gave me tips, tricks, and tons of information that encouraged me to give it another chance. And now, I have a happy breastfeeding baby! Erika is gentle, genuine, and incredibly supportive, and she gave me reassurance as a new mom.” Melissa
“Erika is amazing! She was my postpartum doula when my daughter was born in 2014. I cannot even express how much her presence helped me during the first weeks of being at home with my baby. My biggest challenge was breastfeeding. My back and wrists started to hurt from a wrong positioning while breastfeeding. Erika showed me how to get supported with pillows so I could lounge back and relax. She also fitted me with a nursing pillow and took me through a nice breathing meditation while nursing my baby. In just a few days with Erika I was very confident breastfeeding and burping my baby. Next, Erika helped me with baby-wearing, which became my favorite thing to do in the first few months with my daughter. Erika explained to me how my baby should be ergonomically positioned in my wrap or carrier so that it would be an enjoyable experience and bonding for both of us. On top of all that, Erika helped me with the household, brought groceries and made sure I was eating nutritious foods. She also became a best friend with our dog, who felt very neglected by me :). Most importantly, she was there when I really needed someone next to me (my husband had to go back to work immediately and I really felt overwhelmed and isolated). Thanks to Erika, I can say my postpartum weeks were smooth and joyful!”  Magdalena
"Erika is a baby whisperer who knows instantly how to calm a fussy baby. She would take our baby into her arms each morning and soothe her to sleep. She helped changed diapers, burped her after feedings, and was incredibly attentive to the subtle cues that we as new parents could easily miss. Erika was the soothing and supportive calm that I so desperately needed postpartum. She was incredibly patient and kind and a joy to be around! She offered non-judgmental points of view so my husband and I could discern for ourselves what worked best for our family. Erika was an EXCELLENT listener. We would be having a conversation and she would pick up on things I expressed earlier in our chat that I didn't realize I wanted to explore further until she would point it out. I loved this. Erika is a wealth of endless newborn care knowledge! I LOVED every minute I had with her because she patiently answered all of my questions. She never pressured me to talk or share anything I wasn't ready to discuss. She created a safe space for me to open up emotionally. Erika shared tips on proper latching, baby wearing with our Boba wrap, soothing a baby to sleep, limiting daytime waking hours to 90-min intervals, when to introduce a bottle, etc. I loved working with Erika and would recommend her to another family without any hesitation." Jennifer

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