Julie Robar, 858.210.0969.

Baby-friendly hospitals


Baby Clothing and Accessories

local, handmade, organic-


Belly Binding

Xochitl Codina, Holistic Health Practitioner, 619.363.5193,

Ruthii Slattum, Momma Ruthii, 760.215.0293,

Bereaved family support

Xochitl Codina, Holistic Health Practitioner, 619.363.5193,


Birth centers

Best-Start Birth Center, Hillcrest, 619.299.0840,

The Birth Center at UCSD Medical Center, Hillcrest, 619-543-3863,

Birth Doulas

Laura Baker, 561.352.5636,

Miquela Millard, 858.414.9266,


Breastfeeding equipment suppliers

New Beginnings at Sharp Mary Birch,


Breastfeeding support

Latch: Kaplan

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers: Newman

The Breastfeeding Answer Book: La Leche League

Breastfeeding Made Simple: Morbacher and Kendall-Tackett

The Breastfeeding Book: Sears

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding: La Leche League

Breastfeeding Solutions: Mohrbacher

Sharp Mary Birch,



Babies By the Beach

Childbirth education

Sharp Mary Birch,


Dr. Marc Gottlieb at Life Within in Hillcrest

Dr. Alan Lloyd, 842 Washington St, San Diego, CA 92103, 619.295.3361

Dr. Kathy Miller, Pacific Beach, 858.483.8500, newborns and children

Confinement Healing Sanctuary

Ansei Postpartum Center, 3669 Fourth Ave., 619.348.9374

Dog care

Chelsea Squillacote, 808.489.7757,

Sup Dog, 619.674.1254,

Healing from Birth

The Fourth Trimester: Johnson

Kimberley Ann Johnson, 858.342.0626,

Holistic Herbalist

Xochitl Codina, Holistic Health Practitioner, 619.363.5193,

Infant massage

Touchpoints: Brazelton

The Vital Touch: Heller

Baby Massage: Auckett

Touch: Field

Michell Adelson,


Infant programs

Sharp Mary Birch,


Infants with special needs

Home of Guiding Hands, 619.938.2850,


Lactation consultants

La Leche League San Diego, 858.848.MILK,

Robin Kaplan, IBCLC,

Breastfeeding Consultants of San Diego,

Alyssa McPherson, 858.324.4180,

Christine Hennes, 619.990.6479,

Ruthii Slattum, Momma Ruthii, 760.215.0293,

Maternal mental health

Bethany Warren, LCSW,

Dr. Ana Laura Arteaga-Biggs,

Rachel Rabinor, LCSW,

Danielle Castillo, LMFT,

Jen Fisher, MFT,


Meal Delivery

Wholesome Kitchen, 858.634.9573,

Chef Jen Walsh, 858.204.5690,


Brooke Ray,

Marla Hicks,


Mothering Cermonies

Ruthii Slattum, Momma Ruthii, 760.215.0293,



Having Twins and More: Noble

The Art of Parenting Twins: Malstrom

Multiple Blessings: Rothbart Mothering Multiples: Rothbart

Mothering Multiples: Kerkhoff Gromada


Naturopathic/homeopathic services

Bastyr University Clinic, Sorrento Valley, 858.246.9730,

Willow Tipton,

Willow Buckley,

Shannyn Fowl, ND, 619-772-1164,

Tera Bates, craniosacral therapy, 619.767.8594


Occupational Therapists


Overnight postpartum care

Loretta Sandridge, 602.625.7608,

Audrey Bogorad619.823.6445,


Stacy Spensley,

Lisa Howe, MSW,

The New Mother: Eagan

Mothering the New Mother: Placksin

Misconceptions: Wolf

Ourselves as Mothers: Kitzinger

Essential Exercises for the Childbearing Year: Noble

Laughter and Tears: The Emotional Life of New Mothers: Bing

Becoming a Father: Sears

Fathering Right From the Start: Heinowitz

Your Amazing Newborn: Klaus and Klaus

The Mind of Your Newborn Baby: Chamberlain

Infancy: Field

The Baby Book: Sears

The Year After Childbirth: Kitzinger

The Mother of All Baby Books: Douglas

Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn: Simkin

Keys to Calming the Fussy Baby: Sears

The Family Bed: Tine Thevenin

Nighttime Parenting: Sears

Caring for Your Baby and Young Child, Birth: The American Academy of Pediatrics



Dr. Beti Nissan, 858.333.7735,

Dr. Tami Nakahara, Hillcrest, 619.297.5437


Placenta Encapsulation

Ruthii Slattum, Momma Ruthii, 760.215.0293,


Prenatal exercise

Magdalena Patterson619.917.6247,

Buddhi Yoga, La Jolla,

Prana, La Jolla, 858.456.2806,

Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage

Xochitl Codina, Holistic Health Practitioner, 619.363.5193,


Postpartum depression

Overcoming Postpartum Depression and Anxiety: Sebastian

The Postpartum Husband: Kleiman

This Isn’t What I Expected: Kleiman

Depression in New Mothers: Kendall-Tackett

Sharp Mary Birch,


Xochitl Codina, Holistic Health Practitioner, 619.363.5193,

Vaginal Steaming

Xochitl Codina, Holistic Health Practitioner, 619.363.5193,

Ruthii Slattum, Momma Ruthii, 760.215.0293,

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